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February 10, 2022

WeGro - The Future of Data, CAM, and Community

By Joe Braun 

Each week, we’ll be sharing and summarizing the latest news, topics, and information from WeGro’s “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs). 

On February 10th, we covered some exciting topics, like WeGro’s innovative tokenomics and how WeGro Data will give our community a share of the nearly $100K that existing data collectors generate per year per customer.

Tokenomics: 5% BNB reflections for holding

WeGro President, Shaun Crawford,  outlined the different ways in which holders of the coin can make money passively. WeGro’s creative tokenomics focus on three different key areas. 

Firstly, 5% of each transaction of WeGro is distributed to holders as BNB. 

Secondly, 2% is invested in infrastructure within the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) industry (a booming sector with CAM is predicted to triple in value worldwide within the next 4 years.)

Finally, 1% is deposited directly into the liquidity of the token, ensuring steady growth and widespread usability.  

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Team & Community Initiatives: Win big prizes

Walt Rampata, WeGro’s CEO, spoke about the latest talent to join WeGro’s rapidly expanding team, and discussed the compelling new Ambassador program, which gives members a chance to earn rewards for spreading the word about WeGro. 

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WeGro Data: Get a cut of the action

The upcoming blockchain solution, WeGroData, will give users the opportunity to gain a piece of the estimated $100K that data controllers like Google collect from a user each year. COO Rick Gilchrist spoke passionately about giving consumers choice around the sharing of their data. 

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1-Step Buying: The Future of Crypto

Finally, Social Media Consultant Justin Maher expanded on the opportunities presented by the recent fork, with upcoming advancements in tech allowing holders to buy WeGro with a single click. 

Other businesses have already expressed an interest in purchasing this tech, recognising the opportunity to create a massively improved customer experience.  

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What is WeGro?

WeGro Coin is the first decentralized project for investment and an upcoming blockchain solution surrounding the CAM marketplace.  

WeGro enables everyone to safely participate in the supply chain, while simultaneously democratizing and monetizing anonymous community data assets which go directly back to the community.

After a successful public launch on December 16, 2021, WeGro has been listed and is available on the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange.

For more information, contact WeGro at info@wegrocoin.com or visit WeGro Coin website https://wegrocoin.com  

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