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Welcome to WeGro Coin!

A community-first token and upcoming blockchain with the mission of providing data sovereignty to all while offering a safe platform for individuals and businesses to engage and monetize anonymous data assets.

Come Gro with Us!

WeGro Contract Address:

WeGro Updates

  • WEGRO launched Thursday, December 16, 2021
  • WEGRO Forked on Wednesday, January 26, 2022
  • WEGRO Soft Fork scheduled Thursday, May 11, 2023


Update your wallet if you previously bought WeGro and the coins are not in your wallet.

What is WeGro

  • The future of data sovereignty
  • Reallocate earnings back into the ecosystem, and MOST importantly, to the data-originator

Take a deep-dive into our Lite Paper explaining what WeGro is all about!

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The Ecosytem and Governance of WeGro Coin


Crypto to Crypto Transaction fee for Redistribution Tokenomics.


BNB equally distributed to all the tokens of WeGro


BNB for business acquisition and ecosystem expansion


Liquidity Pair on Pancake Swap for a relative price increase

Multi-Industry Applicability

WeGro is focused on providing data security and data sovereignty to all. As such, the ecosystem we are working to release has multi-industry applicability to the four initial market sectors encompassing our focus:

CAM/Wellness/Health, Insurance, Energy, and Construction and Information Security.

As an example, the market growth in the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) is alone substantial.


Growth of Nationwide CAM Sales [2021]


Expected Growth of CAM by 2025


New Full-time Jobs Created [2020 – 2024}


of Americans are Active CAM Users [2021]

Token Allocations within WeGro

Breakdown of token allocations at launch

50%/4.2B Treasury (50% Treasury Supply and Burn Supply Does NOT Receive Reflections)
10%/840M Presale (Receives Reflections)
10%/840M Future Parnerships (Does NOT receive reflections)
20%/1.68B Future Exchanges (Does NOT receive reflections)
5%/420M Developer Wallets (Receives Reflections)
5%/420M WeGro Company Wallet (Receives Reflections)

Token Sales
Restriction Protocol

Every member of WEGRO from the Developers to the Subcontractors are bound by the same restrictions. This keeps the value of WEGRO from being greatly affected by the sale of Dev tokens.


The max amount of the 24hr total positive increase WeGro can sell


The max amount of the 24hr negative decrease WeGro can sell

The WeGro Leadership Team

Worldclass Experts in FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Growth, DLT Technologies and Information Security.

John Kruk

Walt Rampata
Chief Marketing Officer

Richard ‘Rick’ Gilchrist
Chief Operating Officer

Strategic Partners & Alliances

Partnerships Across Multiple Industries

WeGro Roadmap

Foundations, Traction, Growth and Innovation

June 2021
  • Forge Token
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Filing Compliance Docs
August 2021
  • Colorado Company Established
  • Proof of Concept tested
September 2021
  • Marketing and Digital Asset Teams onboarded
  • WeGro Data, Inc. established for Blockchain Software and payment solutions
December 2021
  • WeGroWallet Announcement
  • WeGroDebit Announcement
Q1 2022
  • Blockchain Development Start
  • Blockchain Operation system Development
  • Partner integration
Q2 2022
  • Listing on additional exchanges
Q3 2022
  • Release of Blockchain MVP Beta
  • Blockchain audit and testing
Q4 2022
  • International expansion
Q1 2023
  • Private deployment & eta testing of the BuyNowButton
Q2 2023
  • BuyNowButton Beta Testing
  • BuyNowButton affiliate functionality
  • Smart contract upgrades/Soft Fork
  • Project "Diffusion"
  • Crypto Cart
  • WeGro Wallet
  • Communications with new exchanges
  • Communications on previously signed exchange contract
Q3 2023
  • Exchange listings
  • Begin registration with SEC
Q4 2023
  • Full commercial release of products

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Be the first to get the latest news and updates about WeGro

Start your WeGro journey now

Directions for Existing Holders to Add the New Wallet Address:

1). From the main screen of Trust Wallet, click on the slider icon in the upper right-hand corner.

2) Scroll to the bottom and click “add custom token”.

3) From there please change the chain from Ethereum to Smart Chain.

4) Paste the new contract address in the next field down.

5) The Name, Symbol and Decimals should automatically populate. If they don’t please check that you have completed the other steps correctly.

6) To confirm it’s: WeGro for name, WEGRO for symbol and decimals are 18.

The new contract address is: 0xd7c5d2A3B7868E6Dd539e145C98a565f29ef3FA4

Hit save, and this should populate your coin in your new wallet.

Every time someone makes a WEGRO transaction (Purchase or Sale) 5% is immediately redistributed to all the holders of WEGRO. 

If you have WEGRO in your wallet you don’t need to do a thing. Just sit back and let your reflections roll in. The more Wegro you have the more you get back. That simple. If only life were this easy. 

With WEGRO it is!

2% of every transaction goes to expand the WeGro ecosystem.

Every business that we integrate that also utilizes WeGro for their payment infrastructure will be assigned custom tokenomics that will aid in the growth and increased stability of the WeGro ecosystem.

1% of every transaction goes into the same escrowed wallet where it is put directly into the liquidity/pricefloor of the token.

This constant 1% increase provides steady growth and improves the widespread usability of WeGro as a currency.

  • 3 Time MLB All Star Legend
  • 300 Career Hitter
  • Personality on NBC
  • ESPN Crypto Enthusiast
  • Investor in Cannabis
  • Hemp Advocate
  • Over 10 years in Cannabis/Hemp Business

  • 30 years of Business Management and Marketing

  • 5 years of National Cannabis and Hemp Marketing

  • President of MindBuzz (National Hemp and Cannabis Marketing Firm)

  • Board Member of Infinity Patient Bio Partners

  • Premier Sponsor and Oversees Marketing/PR for Sheffield MotorSports (NASCAR Racing Team)
  • 27 Year Entrepreneur with multiple exits;

  • Co-Founder, New Frontier Data, Co-Founder, EqualityMD; Co-Founder Addemar (acquired in 2014 by Intelligent NV); Co-Founder GreenwoodHall Scholastic Solutions (Acquired and now known as AnswerNet); Founder Ideaxis acquired by RDX Group, Co-founder Kai2Kai

  • Former Management Consultant

  • Business Adviser, Coach and Mentor for multiple companies, accelerators, incubators and start-up programs
  • 13 year career as a Financial Advisor, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CLTC

  • Crypto Business Management Consultant – helping projects with marketing and growth strategies

  • Founding team member of numerous successful Crypto projects including EMAX, The People’s Coin, & Level Up
  • Senior Developer Cloud Services at IBM

  • 14 Years USAF Communication, COMSEC and Cryptographic Related Projects

  • Military Grade Cryptography and Blockchain Solutions

  • Senior Consultant and Developed IT Solutions for JP Morgan, IBM, Northrup Grumman, Shell, Raytheon and many more
  • 6x Start-up Founder

  • 14+ Years of Marketing Experience CEO of and

  • 100+ Keynotes over the last 3 years

  • Finalist – Ecosystem Hero of the Year – 2020 Denmark (Nordic Start-up Awards)
  • 21 Years Commercial and Government Contracting

  • Solar and Alternate Energy Expert Specializing in Horticulture and Commercial Spaces

  • Oversees Grow Operations as it relates to finical progression to ensure maximum effectiveness and greenest footprint possible
  • Mr. Revenue (15 Global Startups M&As)
  • Founder of multiple startups
  • Seasoned Tech and CAM CFO
  • Raised and supported projects over 40 years exceeding $1B in capital
  • Cannabis and Hemp entrepreneur for over 15+ Years

  • Full Time Crypto Trader and Investor

  • Won “Best CBD Farmer 2018 Nationwide” at Worlds Largest Cannabis EXPO

  • Consulted Cannabis and Hemp for several World Governments, International and National multi Billion Dollar Companies and Top Accredited Universities.
  • 7x multiexit Technopreneur. Web3 Evangelist. Contrarian. Distinguished TED speaker.

  • Early Mobile OS (Android), Machine Learning (NeuroEdgeTensorflow), et. Blockchain
    1.0 (Hyperledger) pioneer

  • Fortune Magazine Most Influential People in Business 40 under 40 nominee

  • Former operator @L3, @Cisco, @DHS, @MIT Social Genome Project, @Google

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