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Discover the potential
of WeGro Coin as a crypto

A community-first token and upcoming blockchain solution that’s building the future of what cryptocurrencies SHOULD be.

The Ecosytem and Governance of WeGro Coin


Crypto to Crypto Transaction fee for Redistribution Tokenomics.


BNB equally distributed to all the tokens of WeGro


BNB for business acquisition and ecosystem expansion


Liquidity Pair on Pancake Swap for a relative price increase

Data Mining

Your data is completely anonymous, but personalized to you and exceeds HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

You are in control of your personal data and how it’s collected and shared. It is your data and time for you to benefit from sharing it.


Amount every transaction is worth in USD


of the control of your own data is yours. You can now earn crypto by licensing your own data.

Token Allocations within WeGro

Breakdown of token allocations

50%/4.2B Treasury (50% Treasury Supply and Burn Supply Does NOT Receive Reflections)
10%/840M Presale (Receives Reflections)
10%/840M Future Parnerships (Does NOT receive reflections)
20%/1.68B Future Exchanges (Does NOT receive reflections)
5%/420M Developer Wallets (Receives Reflections)
5%/420M WeGro Company Wallet (Receives Reflections)

WeGro Internal Holder Structure

An overview for how WeGro tokens are distributed internally


WeGro Coin LLC. Wallet
(Mirror Burned to stay at 5%)


Dev Wallets
(Mirror Burned to stay at 5%)


Future Partnerships
(Mirror Burned to stay at 10%)

Token Sales
Restriction Protocol

Every member of WEGRO from the Developers to the Subcontractors are bound by the same restrictions. This keeps the value of WEGRO from being greatly affected by the sale of Dev tokens.


The max amount of the 24hr total positive increase WeGro can sell


The max amount of the 24hr negative decrease WeGro can sell

Power to the Community

If you hold WEGRO, we hear you! This is your company and YOU finally have a say.


Vote on future WeGro decisions as a community


WeGro Wallet, Debit/Credit Cards, Blockchain, and future partnerships


Ecosystem expansion benefits all holding members

WeGro 100% Safety Protocol

LP generated with every
trade and locked on Pancake


Move all dev tokens into dev wallets prior to launch


Dev signs token
sale restriction protocol


LP locked on
Pancake Swap for 1 year


Fair launch
on Pancake Swap



Move all dev tokens into dev wallets prior to launch


Dev signs token
sale restriction protocol


Fair launch
on Pancake Swap


LP locked on
Pancake Swap for 1 year


LP generated with every
trade and locked on Pancake

How does
WeGro work?

From Fiat to Crypto, digital to down the street… WeGro has you covered!

Step 1: Buy WeGro

On Pancake swap, purchase WeGro and store it in any crypto wallet

See pdf. instructions for buying WeGro

See video instructions for buying WeGro

Step 2: Hold or Use

Make money passively while you hold your WeGro Coin.

  • 5% BNB equally distributed to all the tokens of WeGro
  • 2% BNB for business acquisition and ecosystem expansion
  • 1% Liquidity Pair on Pancake Swap for relative price increase
  • Constantly expanding ecosystem that continues to benefit long-term holders

Step 3: The Community

WeGro is a new generation of community controlled decentralized earning across every industry…not just Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM. You own the coin, you own the future. This isn’t just a Token. It’s a revolution!

Vote on many important decisions:

  • Community input helps determine the most optimal business acquisitions
  • Interaction with the WeGro ecosystem creates valuable data sets that benefit the community
  • Help contribute to company privacy policies that keep your data safe
  • Your input matters…WeGro listens to the community when making company decisions

Market Potential

From Supply to Sales, Fiat to DeFi – We’re Predicting Massive Growth


Growth of Nationwide
CAM Sales [2021]


Expected Growth of CAM by 2025


New Full-time Jobs
Created [2020 – 2024]


of Americans are Active
CAM Users [2021]


New and underserved users in the market

Why is WeGro important?

A new generation of comunity controlled decentralized earning across the CAM industry

Community Driven

YOU are a voice in the supply chain. If you have WeGro you have a say.

Liquidity Pool Yields

Holding is incentivized. WeGro holders receive benefits through multiple mechanisms. BNB reflections and constant contributions into the WeGro ecosystem are just a couple of reasons why WeGro does more.

Sale Restriction Protocol

Transaction fees are designed to reward the holder and expand the WEGRO ecosystem. Value that finds its way right back into your wallet.

Community Audited Wallet

All transactions done through the blockchain and are visible to the community.

Safe and Secure

Privacy and security is important to our values and the success of our community. All data is anonymous.

100% Control of Your Own Data

It's your have the power.

WeGro has launched!

WEGRO has launched Thursday 16th December at 5pm EST. 

Download Litepaper

Frequently asked questions

WeGro is the first decentralized project for investment in the Complementary Alternative Medicine related industry and infrastructure in the United States. WeGro gives anyone, globally a chance to become a HODLr in the booming and lucrative CAM industry while simultaneously benefiting from the value of their own data. 

Everyday your data is sold whether you like it or not. WeGro seeks to give the user the power and control over their own data while increasing the relative value of their token just by using it. Power to the People!

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

You can join the WeGro community in three ways:

WeGro was started by veterans in the Crypto, Finance, technology and data spaces as well as everyday people with the vision and mission of supporting data transparency and how people interact with the world around them. WeGro was created to put the power of your data back in your hands while supporting one of the fastest growing industries.

WeGro is a deflationary cryptocurrency that is completely decentralized and anonymous. 5% of every transaction is redistributed to our holders. If you hold WeGro, you will see your Smart Chain BNB increase automatically in your wallet in real time as transactions are happening. Also 1% of every transaction is put directly back into WeGro liquidity raising the relative price floor. In addition 2% of every crypto to crypto transaction fee goes to acquiring Complementary Alternative Medicine supply chain businesses who are already showing positive EBITA. Because these businesses settle transactions with WeGro, the holders directly benefit from that participation in the ecosystem through increased volume as well as with a contribution to the relative price floor. Just the same as the redistribution percentage, this portion of the transaction fee is in the form of Smart Chain BNB to prevent downward selling pressure when reflections are cashed out for acquisitions or holder reflection cash outs. WeGro employs a manual burn which is based on 2% of the total trading volume. This percentage is not a fee and is not absorbed by the hodler. We have chosen to build WeGro Token on the Binance Smart Chain initially as it has the strongest network of projects, users, and high-speed transactions with minimal gas fees.

  • Trust Wallet (Our Recommendation)
  • Meta Mask

Unlike any other tokens on the market, WeGro is the only Cryptocurrency that seeks to constantly put money back into liquidity providing an opportunity for growth and increased value. 

Whether it’s the value of your own data or our Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) supply chain company acquisitions, both expand WeGro usage and volume. In addition, we create other revenue streams where the value finds its way right back into the token you hold in your pocket. The WeGro Token.

A Litepaper is a shortened and concise version of a whitepaper, applicable to both technical and business whitepapers. This allows users to read the fundamentals of a project at a shorter time and gives them time to decide if they would proceed with checking the full whitepaper.

  • WeGro data blockchain ecosystem.  
  • WeGro Debit and Credit Cards
  • WeGro Wallet

No, WeGro will Never Mint New coins and to the contrary, with every passing transaction the supply continues to reduce.

Upon release of our WeGro Wallet and/or Debit Card you will be able to seamlessly pay using WeGro anywhere digital wallets and debit cards are accepted. In the meantime you can cash out WeGro into any form of cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain. Cashouts are typically done using Binance.US or directly into your bank account.

At WeGro, you are empowered to push yourself to always be the best in a fast moving marketplace.

You will be working remotely with a talented, ambitious, interesting and a diverse group of people who are passionate about security and privacy. A true DeFi team.

We value teamwork and you will be part of a multicultural team that presses the bounds of what is possible in the world of FinTech Blockchain Solutions. Our team is encouraged to work closely with one another and senior management to make our vision and yours a reality. 

Publicly offered Jobs will be posted to the website. Please send your resume and a brief paragraph about how you could help contribute to the WeGro Team at:

Bitcoin was declared legal and was listed as a convertible decentralized cryptocurrency by the US Treasury in 2013. In September 2015, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) identified Bitcoin as a commodity. Thus paving the way for WeGro as well as our future projects. 

Send an email with your contact info and reason for inquiry to:

Don't know how to buy? Read our quick guide and join the WeGro Community

Start your WeGro journey now

Every time someone makes a WEGRO transaction (Purchase or Sale) 5% is immediately redistributed to all the holders of WEGRO. 

If you have WEGRO in your wallet you don’t need to do a thing. Just sit back and let your reflections roll in. The more Wegro you have the more you get back. That simple. If only life were this easy. 

With WEGRO it is!

2% of every transaction goes to expand the WeGro ecosystem.

Every business that we integrate that also utilizes WeGro for their payment infrastructure will be assigned custom tokenomics that will aid in the growth and increased stability of the WeGro ecosystem.

1% of every transaction goes into the same escrowed wallet where it is put directly into the liquidity/pricefloor of the token.

This constant 1% increase provides steady growth and improves the widespread usability of WeGro as a currency.

With every transaction we reduce the supply of WeGRo. No minting and constant burns make WEGRO more scarce and helps increase the value while providing a natural hedge against inflation. 

The more WEGRO is used the more is burned. You may be able to mine more gold but you can never increase the supply of WEGRO.

Directions for Existing Holders to Add the New Wallet Address:

1). From the main screen of Trust Wallet, click on the slider icon in the upper right-hand corner.

2) Scroll to the bottom and click “add custom token”.

3) From there please change the chain from Ethereum to Smart Chain.

4) Paste the new contract address in the next field down.

5) The Name, Symbol and Decimals should automatically populate. If they don’t please check that you have completed the other steps correctly.

6) To confirm it’s: WeGro for name, WEGRO for symbol and decimals are 18.

The new contract address is: 0xd7c5d2A3B7868E6Dd539e145C98a565f29ef3FA4

Hit save, and this should populate your coin in your new wallet.

  • 7x multiexit Technopreneur. Web3 Evangelist. Contrarian. Distinguished TED speaker.

  • Early Mobile OS (Android), Machine Learning (NeuroEdgeTensorflow), et. Blockchain
    1.0 (Hyperledger) pioneer

  • Fortune Magazine Most Influential People in Business 40 under 40 nominee

  • Former operator @L3, @Cisco, @DHS, @MIT Social Genome Project, @Google

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