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WeGro's mission is to provide data sovereignty and data protection to ALL.


Our goal is simple. Incentivize an already active and growing community.


Benefit from your own data while expanding the power and relative value of the token you hold right in your pocket. The future is YOU.

Participate in the future of your data ownership!

Why is WeGro important?

A new generation of community driven earning crossing a world of payment solutions

Community Driven

Community voting ensures the future success and objective growth of our platform

Liquidity Pool Yields (ALPY)

Holding is HIGHLY incentivized. Every function is designed to funnel expansion back into liquidity and directly to the holder.

Sale Restriction Protocol

Firm restrictions on Dev and Partner selling help to stabilize the token and allow WEGRO to live up to its fullest potential.

WeGro Is Community Driven

Digital Wallet

You can either buy, sell and use your WEGRO at stores or crypto to crypto transactions. 

The collective usage of the WeGro blockchain increases in value with every transaction that occurs.

Debit Card

Buy and use WeGro anywhere Debit or Visa is accepted. Store and control your WeGro Debit/Credit Card features directly from your Wegro Digital Wallet.

WeGro Coin

WeGro Blockchain that increases the value of the blockchain just by using it.

It will forever change due to the fact that consumers will now be able to control their own data and finally put the power back where it belongs…In YOUR hands.

Our Vision

WEGRO was designed to take back the data and finance industries and give them back to the people. 

For the first time ever the value of your data is yours to control.

Our Mission

We’re creating a global network of trust, enabling everyone to turn data into decisions, uncertainty into confidence, risk into opportunity, and potential into prosperity.

For the first time ever in cryptocurrency we can gro our own worth... Together

Meet our team

Worldclass Experts in FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Growth, DLT Technologies and Information Security.

John Kruk

Richard ‘Rick’ Gilchrist
Chief Operating Officer

Richard Bell
Controller, Token Operations

Walt Rampata
Chief Marketing Officer

Randy Krebs

Strategic Partners & Alliances

Partnerships Across Multiple Industries

The future of data sovereignty is now! Join the revolution!

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  • 3 Time MLB All Star Legend
  • 300 Career Hitter
  • Personality on NBC
  • ESPN Crypto Enthusiast
  • Investor in Cannabis
  • Hemp Advocate
  • 27 Year Entrepreneur with multiple exits;

  • Co-Founder, New Frontier Data, Co-Founder, EqualityMD; Co-Founder Addemar (acquired in 2014 by Intelligent NV); Co-Founder GreenwoodHall Scholastic Solutions (Acquired and now known as AnswerNet); Founder Ideaxis acquired by RDX Group, Co-founder Kai2Kai

  • Former Management Consultant

  • Business Adviser, Coach and Mentor for multiple companies, accelerators, incubators and start-up programs
  • 21 Years Commercial and Government Contracting

  • Solar and Alternate Energy Expert Specializing in Horticulture and Commercial Spaces

  • Oversees Grow Operations as it relates to finical progression to ensure maximum effectiveness and greenest footprint possible
  • Over 10 years in Cannabis/Hemp Business

  • 30 years of Business Management and Marketing

  • 5 years of National Cannabis and Hemp Marketing

  • President of MindBuzz (National Hemp and Cannabis Marketing Firm)

  • Board Member of Infinity Patient Bio Partners

  • Premier Sponsor and Oversees Marketing/PR for Sheffield MotorSports (NASCAR Racing Team)
  • Mr. Revenue (15 Global Startups M&As)
  • Founder of multiple startups
  • Seasoned Tech and CAM CFO
  • Raised and supported projects over 40 years exceeding $1B in capital
  • 7+ years experience in the cannabis sector working in private equity and venture capital

  • 12+ years experience in Business Management and Marketing

  • Multiple large mergers and acquisitions and scaling successful companies in cannabis &   cryptocurrency sectors

  • Consulting firm working with large cannabis MSO’s on licensing deals in the US

  • Founder, of “DeFi Angels”- investment firm representing smart capital in cryptocurrency and forcing political change among defi.
  • 13 year career as a Financial Advisor, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CLTC

  • Crypto Business Management Consultant – helping projects with marketing and growth strategies

  • Founding team member of numerous successful Crypto projects including EMAX, The People’s Coin, & Level Up
  • Senior Developer Cloud Services at IBM

  • 14 Years USAF Communication, COMSEC and Cryptographic Related Projects

  • Military Grade Cryptography and Blockchain Solutions

  • Senior Consultant and Developed IT Solutions for JP Morgan, IBM, Northrup Grumman, Shell, Raytheon and many more
  • 6x Start-up Founder

  • 14+ Years of Marketing Experience CEO of and

  • 100+ Keynotes over the last 3 years

  • Finalist – Ecosystem Hero of the Year – 2020 Denmark (Nordic Start-up Awards)
  • Cannabis and Hemp entrepreneur for over 15+ Years

  • Full Time Crypto Trader and Investor

  • Won “Best CBD Farmer 2018 Nationwide” at Worlds Largest Cannabis EXPO

  • Consulted Cannabis and Hemp for several World Governments, International and National multi Billion Dollar Companies and Top Accredited Universities.

Directions for Existing Holders to Add the New Wallet Address:

1). From the main screen of Trust Wallet, click on the slider icon in the upper right-hand corner.

2) Scroll to the bottom and click “add custom token”.

3) From there please change the chain from Ethereum to Smart Chain.

4) Paste the new contract address in the next field down.

5) The Name, Symbol and Decimals should automatically populate. If they don’t please check that you have completed the other steps correctly.

6) To confirm it’s: WeGro for name, WEGRO for symbol and decimals are 18.

The new contract address is: 0xd7c5d2A3B7868E6Dd539e145C98a565f29ef3FA4

Hit save, and this should populate your coin in your new wallet.

  • 7x multiexit Technopreneur. Web3 Evangelist. Contrarian. Distinguished TED speaker.

  • Early Mobile OS (Android), Machine Learning (NeuroEdgeTensorflow), et. Blockchain
    1.0 (Hyperledger) pioneer

  • Fortune Magazine Most Influential People in Business 40 under 40 nominee

  • Former operator @L3, @Cisco, @DHS, @MIT Social Genome Project, @Google

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