WeGro is all about decentralized participation in the CAM Industry


Our goal is simple. Incentivize an already active and growing community.


Benefit from your own data while expanding the power and relative value of the token you hold right in your pocket. The future is YOU.

Anyone can
participate in the CAM industry from anywhere in the world

Why is WeGro important?

A new generation of community driven earning crossing a world of payment solutions

Community Driven

Community voting ensures the future success and objective growth of our platform

Liquidity Pool Yields (ALPY)

Holding is HIGHLY incentivized. Every function is designed to funnel expansion back into liquidity and directly to the holder.

Sale Restriction Protocol

Firm restrictions on Dev and Partner selling help to stabilize the token and allow WEGRO to live up to its fullest potential.

WeGro Is Community Driven

Digital Wallet

You can either buy, sell and use your WEGRO at stores or crypto to crypto transactions. 

The collective usage of the WeGro blockchain increases in value with every transaction that occurs.

Debit Card

Buy and use WeGro anywhere Debit or Visa is accepted. Store and control your WeGro Debit/Credit Card features directly from your Wegro Digital Wallet.

WeGro Coin

WeGro Blockchain that increases the value of the blockchain just by using it.

It will forever change due to the fact that consumers will now be able to control their own data and finally put the power back where it belongs…In YOUR hands.

Our Vision

WEGRO was designed to take back the data and finance industries and give them back to the people. 

For the first time ever the value of your data is yours to control.

Our Mission

We’re creating a global network of trust, enabling everyone to turn data into decisions, uncertainty into confidence, risk into opportunity, and potential into prosperity.

For the first time ever in cryptocurrency we can gro our own worth... Together

Meet our team

Worldclass Experts in FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Growth, CAM and Business

WeGroCoin Member John Kruk, showing his profile image

John Kruk

Shaun Crawford
President & CEO, Founder

Walt Rampata
Chief Marketing Officer

Richard ‘Rick’ Gilchrist
Chief Operating Officer

Randy Krebs

Richard Bell
Controller, Token Operations

Joe Braun
Director, Education & Philanthropy

Strategic Partners & Alliances

Partnerships Across Industries – Fintech, CAM, and Growth

Become a Hodler, take part and benefit early from WEGRO. The future of financial revolution starts here!

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