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March 17, 2022

WeGro Today

By Joe Braun 

Each week, we’ll share and summarize the latest news, topics, and information from WeGro’s “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs). 

On March 17, we discussed diverse topics such as WeGro’s charitable donations and WeGro’s utility as a token for the community.

From WeGro to WeGive

In this AMA WeGro was excited to announce the launch of their “WeGro… WeGive” program, an initiative to manage WeGro’s charitable donations.

WeGive represents the in-housing of WeGro’s philanthropic ventures, following the acquisition of ChariT, WeGro’s external charitable giving partner. WeGive will be overseen by Joe Braun, former President of ChariT and Social Media Moderator at WeGro.

The WeGro… WeGive program’s first charitable grant will be to the HOFFA Foundation, a non-profit organization in Maryland focused on providing support and resources to people fighting drug and alcohol addiction.

To recommend a non-profit or other grassroots organization you think deserves a WeGive grant, contact us directly.

A Rapidly-Changing Industry: Crypto Today

It seems that every week there are new political and economic developments that mean huge repercussions on the crypto market.

Shaun Crawford, CEO/President of WeGro Coin, explained how businesses and governments are slowly accepting crypto as a viable currency, with BlackRock now allowing crypto as collateral on loans, and the Chinese government launching its own digital currency.

WeGro discussed the many applications of cryptocurrency that are not possible using Fiat currencies – none more relevant than the current situation in Russia/Ukraine, where the Ukrainian government has raised over $100 million in crypto aid.

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WeGro’s Stability: Utility is Power

Justin Maher, WeGro Coin’s Token Security Consultant, spoke about the relatively reduced impact that the recent downturn has had on WeGro’s value, and how this is a result of the currency’s great utility and solid infrastructure.

93% of crypto projects do not have any utility behind them, leading to a higher degree of value fluctuations.

Not least of these utilities is WeGro’s tokenomics policy, which enforces an 8% tax on every transaction. This tax ensures that when users realize reflections, there is no negative pressure on the token itself, thereby protecting their holdings in WeGro.

WeGro: A Community-First Crypto Project

WeGro prides itself on its community-driven values – allowing holders to vote on key business decisions that affect the future of the project.

WeGro is on a mission to democratize data and data sharing for everyone in the community via decentralized investment.

For more information, contact WeGro at info@wegrocoin.com or visit WeGro Coin website https://wegrocoin.com or…

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