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March 10, 2022

WeGro’s Place In The World

By Joe Braun 

Each week, we’ll share and summarize the latest news, topics, and information from WeGro’s “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs). 


The March 10th AMA was the first to take place via a new additional channel – WeGro’s Twitter Space on Binance Smart Chain & Utility! 

Stay tuned to our new Twitter Space for exciting updates in real-time!

Current Affairs: State of the Industry

Both at home and abroad, political events continue to shape the crypto industry.

WeGro Coin’s CEO and President, Shaun Crawford, discussed the use of crypto during the continued conflict in Russia/Ukraine, and how this further legitimizes crypto as a global currency, despite the market being negatively impacted in the short-term.

To further this point, WeGro highlighted US President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order on crypto oversight and what it might mean for the market moving forward.

Check in on WeGro’s News Page for our thoughts on the latest! 

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: The Switch to CAM

WeGro is expanding its scope – enlarging the focus of the organization from the cannabis supply chain to the more widely serving CAM industry.

Walt Rampata, CMO of WeGro, explained the main reasons for this change:

“It allows WeGro to offer its community greater utility and further opportunities to democratize their data.”

Read WeGro’s Litepaper in full to learn more about crypto and data democracy.

A Growing Community: WeGro’s Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program continues to grow – with more and more of the community choosing to advocate for the benefits of WeGro and its values.

WeGro is a community-first crypto; members get a say in the key decisions that affect the future of the project. That means by signing up to our ambassador program, you have a bigger influence over those decisions by reaching out to like-minded people.

Contact us via email if you’d like to join our growing Ambassador Program.

Benefits of WeGro

WeGro Coin is a DeFi project for investment and blockchain solution surrounding the CAM industry.

The WeGro wallet allows holders to earn crypto rewards, whilst the control panel lets users choose what data they want to share via permissions. Rick Gilchrist, WeGro’s COO, explained “the value of data in today’s climate, and how it could benefit individuals if they controlled the licensing surrounding it.” 

WeGro’s tokenomics policy guarantees that 5% of every transaction goes back to the holder in the form of the Binance Smart Chain.

Want to know more about the benefits of WeGro? Watch our explainer video to learn more…