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23rd February 2022

The Value of WeGro
By Joe Braun

Each week, we’ll share and summarize the latest news, topics, and information from WeGro’s “Ask Me Anythings” (AMAs). 

Is crypto going mainstream? How does WeGro benefit the holder? What rewards are there for sharing WeGro with your network? The AMAs on the 23rd of February covered a broad range of topics and contained a ton of insight around these questions and many others. Let’s dive right in!

WeGro: Benefiting the holder first

WeGro’s President, Shaun Crawford, spoke compellingly about the benefits of WeGro for holders. The 5% reflections as BNB for all holders provides an obvious financial reward for those that hold the token. 

But more importantly, this discourages negative selling pressure on the token. WeGro is designed to be a coin that people hold on to, rather than a pump-and-dump flash in the pan, as so many altcoins are. 

As Crawford himself put it, “By design, WeGro is set up to be a self-perpetuating engine that is constantly redistributing money back into the token. It’s a byproduct that is of benefit to all holders.” 

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Is crypto going mainstream?

Recent industry news suggests that it’s well on its way! WeGro CEO Walt Rampata and Community & Media Strategist Rachel Amin addressed the state of the industry and shared their insights on some hot topic news items coming out of the world of crypto. 

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen signals that crypto is becoming more accessible in a big way:

  • Venmo & Paypal have now added the structure to their platforms for crypto transactions
  • India has officially legalized cryptocurrency – opening up a potential market of 1.3 billion people
  • After initially describing crypto as “rat poison squared”, Warren Buffet has doubled his investment in Nubank to $1 billion. Nubank has an investment unit, NuInvest, which lets users invest in crypto exchange traded funds. 
  • In the US, the IRS conceded that a couple were not liable to pay taxes on their staking rewards, suggesting there is a possibility that passive income may not be taxed.

Amin also mentioned a particularly eye-opening stat: of the 7,000 cryptocurrencies created last year, only 7% actually had an asset tied to them. With its emphasis on a real-world industry that’s massively growing, this puts WeGro in a strong position. 

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Finally, in some WeGro-centric news, the exciting Ambassador Program is now live! Sign up to the program, spread the word about WeGro, and be in with a chance of winning some awesome prizes like a $100 Amazon gift card. 

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