There are multiple areas of a cryptocurrency project that you’ll want to research prior to investing. One of the first areas I seek out in a new cryptocurrency project is the community. 

Every legitimate crypto project out there hosts a community, but they vary in three ways:  

  1. Size. No matter the size, these communities provide people a sense of belonging, a central place to communicate, and a customer support center. 
  1. Social platform. Crypto communities can be found across multiple social channels. Top social platforms being used by the crypto industry currently are Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit (just to name a few). Projects also use Discord, Twitch, and Steemit. (Are we missing one? Let us know in the comments below if you’re using a platform not listed here.)
  1. Level of management. Crypto projects often employ people to help supervise the community chat rooms. These individuals are called Mods (moderators) and are pre-screened to make sure they have the requisite knowledge to serve in that role. The mods are vital to maintaining an active community. 

An active community tells me I can (usually) expect a vibrant project with volume, participant excitement, and consistent engagement. The community chats are a great place to learn about the project, see recent updates, and hear from, and talk with, people passionate about the project. 

It’s a positive sign when the project leaders and team are visible, easy to research, and on occasion engage in community conversations. In fact, that is extremely rare and not the norm. So when I found this with WeGro, it drew me in and made me want to know more.

WeGro founders Shaun Crawford, Rick Gilchrist, and Walt Rampata were all visible and active in the WeGro Telegram Room when I found out about the project. They engaged, shared, and educated investors and potential holders on the project and what their vision was. I quickly found out that the reason they created the project was to provide something to do with their friends and those close to them. I quickly realized that they created this project for their own community. From day one, they brought people in, made them feel like part of the WeGro family, and have never wavered. 

Fast forward 8 months, we are in the heart of a bear market, cryptocurrencies are down over 65%, many projects have gone away completely and WeGro is maintaining an amazing 80% hold rate! I attribute this to the community feel that the founders of WeGro have created. Shaun, Rick, and Walt have achieved their goal and mission to create a place for their friends, family, and now new friends to come in and talk about their days, talk about WeGro and discuss what the future holds. 

Come join us in the Telegram chat! See you there!


I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you will consider joining me and my colleague Abbey Sklar, Director of Marketing & Events, for Power Hour. We share information and answer all of your questions about crypto, blockchain, and WeGro Coin in a comfortable environment for all levels of crypto knowledge! Check out information about our next session here. For more information email

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