Fast-moving Crypto Startup Acquires a Charitable Crypto Project and Announces the "WeGro…WeGive" Program

WeGro, a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project, announces the acquisition of ChariT, adding to the ever-growing WeGro ecosystem, alongside the first of many charitable gestures with a $5,000 donation to the HOFFA Foundation.  

The founder of ChariT, Joe Braun, will now oversee the charitable giving program for WeGro. 

Braun, who has over 20 years of charitable giving experience in the non-profit world, will guide the upcoming “WeGro…WeGive” program. 

“WeGro has developed a structure that will benefit its holders and grow their investments,” said Braun. “WeGro has a passion for passing profits from its cryptocurrency token onto those in need. The ‘WeGro…WeGive’ program’s purpose is to offer charitable grants to nonprofit organizations and local communities that are near to the holders of WeGro. The program affords WeGro the opportunity to have an impact at a grassroots level.”


About ChariT

ChariT is a charitable cryptocurrency project founded by Joe Braun.

The goal of ChariT has always been supporting and raising money for global causes such as wildfires, flooding, school shootings, etc.

ChariT’s main differentiator is the role community plays in voting which causes the crypto will support. ChariT plans to utilize BNB reflections to support those nonprofit organizations.

WeGro’s Acquisition of ChariT

Supporting people in need is what both the President of WeGro, Shaun Crawford, and the founder of ChariT, Joe Braun, have in common.  

The same shared values have led ChariT to become a charitable partner for WeGro.  

“Why would we drive people away from WeGro to ChariT to do great things, when we could have ChariT a part of WeGro – it’s a true win-win,” explains Braun. 

“As WeGro increases its size and footprint, there will be more charitable donations and what better way than to give directly to those charities.” 

WeGro’s $5,000 Donation to the HOFFA Foundation

To celebrate the new partnership and acquisition of ChariT, WeGro donated $5,000 to the HOFFA Foundation.

The HOFFA Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in memory of Jimmy Zumbrun who lost his battle with addiction in 2019. 

“When we thought about our first charitable gift, we couldn’t think of a better recipient than the HOFFA Foundation,” WeGro President Shaun Crawford said. 

“Providing assistance to those in need is a cornerstone of the heart and soul of our team at WeGro. The HOFFA foundation, focused on long-term recovery and providing safe residence for those individuals seeking freedom from active addiction, aligns with our team’s passions.”

About WeGro

WeGro is a decentralized project for investment in the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) supply chain in the United States.  

WeGro enables everyone to safely participate in the CAM industry while democratizing and monetizing anonymous community data assets which go directly back to the community.  

WeGro launched on Dec. 16, 2021, and is available on the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange. 

For more information, contact WeGro at or visit WeGro website